Days 102-112: Ants marching to the beat of the same drum

  I know it’s been a while since The Dave Matthews Band released their ‘Ants Marching’ song (September, 1995).

21 years and 8 months ago, but who’s counting? 🙂 

Here’s the official video if you’d like to be transported back: 

Alot has happened to me in those 21 years and 8 months.

I would imagine alot has happened to you too if your birthdate is anywhere south of September 1995.

Two distinct ‘bar memories’ for some reason (I think just because I was in my early to mid 20’s trying to figure out life and how I fit into it) stick out to me when I hear any Dave Matthews Band (DMB) song:

1.  A bar in downtown Charlottesville, VA where in July 1994 I got drunk for the 1st time. I was with my sister, and some of her college friends at the University of Virginia (UVA),  and she told me there was this really cool band called ‘The Dave Matthews Band’ that was going to hit it big soon, as she’d seen them play on her campus there. Thank you sis! Such fond memories of that evening. Do you remember the bar’s name?

2. A bar in San Francisco called ‘Holy Cow’ (I think?) with my flat mate, Heather, and some of her friends. Heather invited me out that night as I think she knew I could really use some time out with others as I had just broken up with someone I’d been dating for over 4 years. I will forever be grateful for her kindness to me that night. One of her friends was really into the DMB, and played this ‘Ants Marching’ song on their jukebox that night. 

It’s funny how having a certain amount of life experience can change how you view a song many years later.

I never paid much mind to the lyrics of the Ants Marching song. 

I was mainly just into the mix of instruments, the melodies, and the beat.

One of the lyrics to the ‘Ants Marching’ song that I just recently learned though has really given me pause.

It goes…

‘The week ends the week begins

She thinks, we look at each other

Wondering what the other is thinking

But we never say a thing

These crimes between us grow deeper.’


How many of my weeks and days are like this?

Oh, I don’t want to admit. 

I don’t want to say how many times my wife and I look at each other in the midst of parenting, working, living that we don’t say a thing to each other, rather we let the ‘crimes between us grow deeper.’

How many of our days here on this planet are filled with just wondering what another person is thinking about, us or anything, but we never actually get to know? 

What if we did know?

What if we asked?

What if we truly cared to know what our significant other, dear to us, is thinking? 

What if we made time for that other person to feel safe in expressing what they were thinking?

What if we made time for just OURSELVES to understand what we are thinking, and how that thinking ultimately guides our days in either positive or negative ways?

I suspect if we did many of these ‘What Ifs’, our pale blue dot with all its ants marching would maybe look much different than it does now? 

I don’t know.

Hopefuly it would be different in a good way.

I love how music can take something so morbid as our own very limited time here, put some distinctly upbeat melodies around the lyrics, and make the story telling ultimately happy and inviting. 

I love how this song is an anthem to simply not waste time while you’re here on the pale blue dot.

I think Dave and his band are trying to tell us to take a chance NOW. 

Don’t wait and put whatever you think you need to put in that box for a ‘quieter time’.  

That time may never come.

Or, when it does come, it won’t mean the same thing to you as it could mean now.

There is so much more to say on this topic, but I think this opens the door, so to speak, on what hopefully turns into further posts on living a meaningful life full of love and gratefulness for the people in our lives.

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Your comments are always welcome.


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