Days 29-33…Taking the time to explain WHY you believe something is important

I’ve always struggled in debates and with conflict. 

I run from both like Forrest Gump trying to find peace without Jenny. 

This story about a father and daughter really made me pause over this past weekend. 

The part that really stuck with me was when the daughter is explaining to her father what the greenhouse effect is, how it works, and why it’s important to all of us and to all life on this pale blue dot of a planet.

She takes 17 minutes to do it.

At the end of those 17 minutes, her father, Christian conservative, Donald Trump supporter, and ardent denier of climate change, softens to the fact that there may just be something to us humans creating problems for ourselves and how we live our lives day in and day out here. 

It really got me thinking about whether or not I take this kind of time to explain my position on any given subject. 

I already know the answer.

I haven’t, and I don’t. 

But clearly there may be some benefit. 

Some benefit to taking that time to explain ourselves to others who may not agree with us, and vice versa, some benefit to us taking time to listen to others trying to explain themselves to us.

Hope you enjoy the story, and I hope it gets you thinking about a position you might like 17 minutes to explain to someone else.

As always, thanks for stopping by. 

A Daughter Of Coal Country Battles Climate Change — And Her Father’s Doubt

by Rebecca Hersher
NPR – February 16, 2017

The economy in southwestern Pennsylvania has been hit twice, once by the collapse of big mining and steel employers, and again by the environmental destruction that accompanied those industries….



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