Days 16-19…From Headspace to Tara Brach

I’ve been trying to meditate each morning for about 10 minutes before everyone gets up in my house. 

So far, I’d say I’m somewhere in the 80-90% consistency bracket since starting Headspace back in January. 

Not too shabby for a guy who really has a hard time sitting, and thinking, still. 

I wanted to continue with Headspace after the 10 day free trial, but it was just a bit too much for us financially to commit to at the moment (about $13 per month). 

Still, I would recommend Headspace to anyone interested in trying meditation if you can swing that cash freely each month. 

Unfortunately, no can do right now in our household.

So, I went back to Tara Brach, and her podcasts, and I wanted to see if she offered any 10-13 minute meditations that might get me through these next few months until I can maybe, maybe get back to Headspace and subscribe to their service. 

And lo and behold she does indeed have some of these meditations available for free. 

Free, but with a slight caveat that really nothing is free in this life, as you and I both know, right?

Any donation you might be able to swing her way is so very welcome, and really helps support her incredible work. 

Please, if it does help you, consider clicking HERE later to support her efforts. 

Thanks 🙂

Here is a  link to one of the meditations I found helpful that I hope may help you:    

The meditation is towards the end of the 1 hour talk. 

I would imagine this whole talk is great, haven’t listened to it, but to just get to the meditation, just fast forward the video to 49:14, and you’ll be right where the meditation begins and runs approximately 11 minutes.

The other option is to subscribe to her feed on iTunes, and go to her March 1, 2014 episode entitled, ‘Guided Forgiveness Meditation’. 

Here’s Tara Brach’s iTunes subscription link: 

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a URL for this particular meditation to post here. 

If anyone does find it, please feel free to post it in the comments, and I’ll be sure to update this post with the URL.

As always, thanks for stopping by. 


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