Day 9 – An apology you may have missed, but in the Black Lives Matter Movement, and all that Black lives have had to endure in this country since it was founded, I think this one should be duly noted.


‘They killed our people.’ 
Those were four words overheard by someone in the LaGrange police department in LaGrange, GA, date unknown, and somehow made their way all the way up to the police chief, (pictured above), Louis Dekmar’s desk. 

Mr. Dekmar could have chosen to ignore those four words. 

Thankfully, he chose to lean into them, do his job, and investigate.

I wasn’t expecting this news story to grab my attention, but it has, and I suspect it will, in the days ahead. 

Sometimes a genuine apology is needed to start the healing process. 

Those three words are so powerful. 

‘I am sorry.’

Mr. Dekmar’s apology was even stronger than those three words.

‘I am profoundly sorry.’ 

Followed by…

‘This should never have happened.’

It’s not everything, and it doesn’t help bring back loved ones from their grisly graves from whence the hate and fear snuffed them out in brutal fashion, but it’s a start. 

And starting is the hardest part. 

Sorry Tom Petty. Agree to disagree.

I hope you feel something for our brothers and sisters on this planet who have had a very difficult first 240+ years in this country, this sea to shining sea landscape, since our country was founded, and even beyond that. 

And I hope this story might give more context in terms of what our brothers and sisters with more melanin in their epidermis than me are up against in this country still.

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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