Day 8 – Opportunities in a rock and a hardplace.

picture1I went to undergrad in South Carolina with Susan Grace Carrol. She was always very kind and gracious towards me, and always full of energy and enthusiasm.

In some ways, she was the Tricia McCauley (Rest in peace dear friend of mine) of my post-high school experience. I looked up to her even though I think she barely was more than 5′ tall.

She just seemed to know where she was going with her major in Health and Physical Education, soon to be changed by our department in the early 90’s to, Health and Exercise Science. I glommed onto her confidence, and it helped me find my way eventually through the major.

We were HES majors together.

Now, 25+ years out from that experience, I think we are both doing work that is directly related to what we learned about the human body and its relation to exercise and good nutrition in those classes at the PAC (Physical Activities Center) at Furman University many moons ago.

Susan’s work is still inspiring me.

I greatly benefit from the wisdom she shares from her website, and her emails she sends out periodically. Her latest is one that really came to me at a time when I needed it, and I think alot of other people did too.

Her latest is one that really came to me at a time when I needed it, and I think alot of folks out there need it.

I loved the picture she shared of the plant growing in a tough spot( above left). I took a similar photo over the holidays while in Texas visiting family (above right).

Even when the odds are against you germinating ideas and opportunities, I hope these tiny plant pictures may remind you that there are still nutrients there to help you along, and get you ‘over the hump’ so to speak of spreading your solar panels 🙂

I hope Susan’s article helps. Please let her know if it does on her website or at

As always, thanks for stopping by.


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