Meditation for those who don’t meditate…like me :)

I have never been one to meditate. 

I’ve tried it on and off again for many years with nothing really ‘sticking’.

Life’s a bit ‘cloudier’ now with many ‘balls up in the air’ (full time job, long commute, family financial pressures, health issues, aging parents issues, etc) at my ripe old age of, shall we say, post mid-40’s ish ;0 

I’m sure life’s alot like this for a lot of you out there.

I’m only on my 7th day doing these meditation sessions from Headspace, but so far, they’re really helping me craft my day in a much kinder, much gentler fashion than I normally would. 

If you’re interested, they have a 10 day free trial. 

Here’s the link:

And here’s a short video explaining in more detail what they’re all about:

Special thanks to my friend, Greg, who told me about this app and encouraged me to try it, and also my friend, Denis, for encouraging me further to keep going with it. 

And a very special thank you to my friend, Rob, who many moons ago planted a seed to say that he thought I needed to meditate to calm my mind. 

You were right. 

You sent me those books to help me at a dark time in my life. I still have them. I am forever grateful. 

We get by with a little help from our friends. I think there’s a song in there by some bug band ;0

Please let me know what you think in the comments below, or via email @

Thanks for stopping by.


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