Want kids to learn? Feed them well.

This is for you, Chihiro. You do this so well, and so consistently for our son. Thank you!  Matthew, one day you will realize your mother’s true genius 🙂 Mommy, do you feel validated? 🙂

Some great lessons in here for adults as well, including our incoming adminstration trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act. 

I hope Donald Trump can possibly take 12 minutes away from his late night Twitter binges to watch this impactful talk. Thank you in advance, Mr. Trump, for your attention in this most important of matters. I think there is still time for you to turn away from the dark side and embrace the light and good nature that you were born with; that all of us were born with. 

Please, Mr. Trump, turn away from all the hate, and embrace love. 

Yes, you can. 


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